el tenebrozo

venerdì 30 ottobre 2015

Dubai - Gulf bike show 2015

Place: Dubai autodrome
When: the last week
What: middle east amazing bike week

mini gold

 Magic number


 Go into the ride in show

 Terrific old flat

 fight tha sand with this....

 Proudly made in Italy

 straight from Calif.

 yamaha official stand

 Hond vs Kawa

 the more interesting area was in front of 
the Royal enfield stand

 in Europe is very difficult to see RE built like this,
it was for me a pleasure talking around this bike 
with their owners


 hot dog & beer

 Live music

Abu Dhabi Garage

My new friend Phill from 86cycles

 El Tenebrozo say best regards

Pics Claudio Tenebre Leggio

domenica 25 ottobre 2015

Gulf Bike Week

 E' clinicamente testato che ovunque io mi trovi non appena sento goodvibration mi ci fiondo.
Questo week end a Dubai si è svolta la Gulf Bike week, sole moto e birra per quest'ultimo week end di ottobre.......

..............presto il reportage completo dell'evento