el tenebrozo

martedì 25 febbraio 2020

Kick it old school

In a strange winter season where the wheather is hot GASSTDISCIPLES needs to smell the old school stuff.

We rode uphill where the time was stopped by a bunch of friends who invited us to have a party into the wildside.


My brò Vilmo says
"the life we live,
the life we love"

Thanks to all of the good fellas met at the meeting

lunedì 17 febbraio 2020


Often I choose the better way to explain my simple lifestyle coz I believe 110% in what I do everyday.
My pics stop the time in a perfect instant when I feel the time goes slowly.

Best bar tender in TE.VA.

  also best "fiorentina"

My Guzzi Project

Ready for paint

 in the desert a big tank is better

 Pure love


 Dos Prosecco Bros

 one more beer Michael


 Lego brick home made

Welcome home Cesarino's FXR

Ready for choppa???

 Simona's Bolognese

 Welcome to fight club

Devil's bee