el tenebrozo

venerdì 10 gennaio 2020

The Colorful Turin streets

Turn the page, after my black and white point of view (see the previus post) I selected more color pictures to show you the marvelous Savoia's city.
No monument or famous things apart a visit to the Egyptian museum, only a true life in Turin.

mercoledì 8 gennaio 2020

Turin's streets

How many people started his new year on the road?

I was one of the bunch of lucky, Turin direction to start my 2020, instead to take motorcycle I take my 7 seat car because my family traveled with me.

Sun was shining for a couple of day to give us the best light to live one of the most beautiful European city.

Easy rules to go around: Walk a lot, taste good food, take one thousend of pictures.

The traveler be enraptured from beautiful  in the middle of the road if he is inspired in his trip.


Stay tuned one more post in "technicolor" will talk about Turin ;)