el tenebrozo

martedì 24 marzo 2020

blog is better

In my last week all around me is changing, shop are closed, the the old GasStationHouse is empty of choppers spirit, this Fukin' Covid-19 is still a big problem and my poor Italy pays a big price.
I am home and fortunatly I am spending a lot of time with my family, my only window to look at my passion is web especially social media like Instagram help me to watch somethings good, but I don't feel the good vibes two days ago I started to search blog like I did some years ago finally I found my real happiness reading old blogs coz look likes diaries made by enthusiast and not "POSER"!
I give you my idea support more blog than is possible, toghether we can change habit, 

Blogs are not for all

The second life of blogs was born, my pics diary is on-line again!

Thanks to all who makes 
my ordinary life 
in something special