el tenebrozo

martedì 26 maggio 2020

A long week in the name of freedom

Catch your stuff and run, freedom is a state of mind. Follow your FREEDOM!
Wake up

New Gabri's srpinger set up 

Ride hard forever forever ride hard

0 km home made hamburger

TEARSVALLEY regents are back

Gasst GasStop 

Cesar had a pk trouble on is FXR,
EZE pick up service garantee

Palaia country

Family Garfagnana up & down 

Sant'Anna di Stazzema


into the wild

martedì 12 maggio 2020

I am ready to 3rd step of this fukin' pandemic

In Italy we are waiting to restart our riding season, more or less in May 18 our chains will be broken to run proud and free!!!!!