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lunedì 18 marzo 2019

Autism Awareness RIDE 2019

The motorcycle stories looks like movies.....

In a cloudy friday while you are in a gas station you heard the noise come like a earthquake, an electra glide police style arrive to refill and at the same moment you meet the gaze with the proudly owner, you ask simple things about motorcycle lifestyle in Dubai and 5 minutes later you ride straight to a biker party.
My new friend Rabah from Siria picked me up lending me is helmet to went at the annual Autism Awareness ride powered by Berets MC.
The run started from buisiness bay to dip public park in investment park, the run was very amazing coz for an Italian guy run trough skyscraper don't happen every day!
The party was very cool, good music, good people and very good vibrations!

 Rabah and me at the gas station

 in the middle of buisiness bay

 the police cars here are different

 On the road

Old motorcycles

 Manjeet a very enthusiast and his "journey"

 Tasty food

...and rain